Vote for Your Right to Travel

We are living in very interesting and unprecedented times. We have had to make some very serious adjustments to our lives. Unfortunately, these adjustments are ones that don’t seem likely to be reversed any time soon. I for one, will not be able to get accustomed to being unable to travel abroad. Considering the title of this blog you might be wondering, what does voting have to do with travel? One might say that voting and traveling are completely unrelated, one has nothing to do with the other, but I beg to differ.

With election season upon us, I encourage everyone who is able to vote, to go out and vote. Some of the reasons many people don’t vote are because they believe that: their vote doesn’t count or, they don’t like any of the candidates, or they believe that the people in office don’t really have much effect on their lives. If you believe any of these statements, I would encourage you to vote for your interests because your vote does count. The laws and policies being enforced do affect you. 

Think about the year 2020, and the list of countries on your bucket list that you were supposed to tackle. Think about the actions or the lack of actions that the government has taken that have affected your ability to travel the world. COVID-19 is a real and serious concern all around the world and it has been handled differently all around the world. Consider the future, 2021 and beyond, what will it look like? I know that I would like to continue seeing the world, but as of October 2020 the list of countries that US citizens can visit is limited. This is due to how COVID-19 has disproportionately affected the United States as compared to many other countries in the world. Before you decide not to cast your vote this November, think about how the actions of the government or lack thereof will in the future prevent you from enjoying or partaking in your next vacation. 

If you were able to take a short trip somewhere safely and without fear domestically or internationally, would that have made the past 8 months a little less stressful? Traveling for me, and I’m sure for many others, provides an escape from the stressors of daily life. Unfortunately, during the past 8 months, most of us have not been able to take part in this sought after destressor. 

I encourage you all to vote for your interests, vote on the issues that are important to you that will improve the quality of your life. If travel is one of those issues, think about how the candidates running will help you meet your goals of experiencing the world by taking the steps to reduce the effects and impact of COVID-19 in this country. You have the right to vote and you have the right to travel the world. So VOTE for your right to travel!